Vision Screenings

Most people think that vision only consists of being able to read an eye chart 20 feet away, but vision is so much more than “20/20”! Visual motor and perceptual deficiencies can significantly interfere with reading and writing because it diminishes the ability to input visual information, which occurs before any cognitive processing occurs. Unfortunately, a general optometric or ophthalmologic exam does not evaluate functional vision skills such as tracking, eye coordination, and focusing.

We provide children vision screenings that test for these skills at many local schools. We would love to provide a vision screening at your school which would compliment your efforts to optimize learning opportunities, by ensuring that your students do not suffer from vision problems that can interfere with academic performance.

The State of California mandates vision screenings in schools. You can be assured that our vision screenings meet and exceed the State’s requirements for your school.

Administering the Vision Screening

Vision Screenings

We make it easy! We provide all the paperwork you need such as: parent consent forms and posters to promote the screening. We bring all the equipment and test forms on the day of the vision screening, and afterwards we’ll send you a report for each student who participated.

There is a minimal fee to be paid by each parent for the vision screening. This is the least expensive, and most convenient way to find out if a student’s visual skills are age appropriate, or if they are interfering with academic or athletic performance. Why is there a charge? The small fee covers our material costs for forms, mailing, and postage. We donate our time for these vision screenings as part of our community service.

Since it is important for teachers and parents to recognize learning-related vision deficiencies before they interfere with learning, I would also be happy to provide a teacher/parent in-service at no charge. At these meetings I generally make a formal presentation, followed by a question-and-answer session.

If you are interested in a vision screening for your school and/or a teacher/parent in-service, please call our office.