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Vision Therapy Patient Testimonial

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MoisturEyes Spa Happy Patient

Gaby: Reading Above Grade Level with Improved Visual Skills

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I recently took my 21 month old son to see Dr. Briscoe. My son is Autistic and suffers from sensory processing disorder. Dr Briscoe was so patient and thorough with her exam I can’t wait to bring the rest of my family. She specialize in behavioral/functional optometry and is a great asset to the lives and eyes she touch!
– Patricia A.

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If the doors of perception were cleansed…….

My name is William Conklin. All my life I have had to live with a lazy eye and a debilitating lack of depth perception. I suffered through college and countless books, tracking with the eye musculature of a twelve year old. I was surviving each day afraid to look someone in the eye, falling asleep or suffering through headaches while reading, writing music, or doing what I love…painting. My life, my relationships, my art had remained flat, lifeless. On a stroke of good judgement, and a recommendation from a kind stranger, I made an appointment to see Dr. Elise Brisco. She said she could help my eyes “see” as they were meant to. What she didn’t tell me is that in the course of one year, the therapy would change the very fabric of my life.

My reading skills are now at collegiate level, and I now experience binocular vision. My eyes have aligned themselves and I know depth for the first time in my life. My paintings have taken on new dimensions in scope, depth and color. Just knowing that I have corrected something that haunted me for thirty years has allowed me the strength and daring to create work that really speaks to “ me” instead of the flat world of public opinion. Vision therapy has shown me that perception isn’t just through the eye, it is through the mind. Now everything appears to me as it is, infinite.

Thank you.

– William

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