Optometrist and Clinical Homeopath

As a highly regarded and recommended eye doctor in Los Angeles, Dr. Elise Brisco provides Integrative and Holistic vision care to patients around the area.  Her customized recommendations are based on evaluating the effects of lifestyle and health on the visual system.

Dr. Brisco provides comprehensive treatment for vision and health problems including:

  • Amblyopia and Strabismus
  • Contact Lenses
  • Binocular vision and tracking disorders
  • Children’s Vision
  • Eye Exams
  • Dry Eye
  • Vision Therapy
  • Sports Vision
  • Eye allergies and pink eye
  • Stress-related vision problems
  • Ortho K Corneal molds to non-surgically reduce myopia
Optometrist for Children

Dr. Brisco has post doctorate training in Developmental Vision Problems, and continues to expand our Children’s Vision department. The Hollywood Vision Center – Optometry, partners with over 40 schools around the area to detect and treat vision problems. Early treatment of vision problems has been shown to have a positive correlation with improved academic performance. We offer pediatric vision exams for tracking, eye teaming, contact lenses, visual perception, strabismus, lazy eye, and amblyopia. The majority of tests in these evaluations are not performed in the average eye exam. A child’s vision exam also consists of different tests than adults, and different criteria are applied for exam results.

Dr. Brisco also provides Visual Rehabilitation for patients after brain injury such as stroke, concussion and brain surgery. She is the co-founder of the Rehabilitative Vision Clinic at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Severe vision impairments can affect daily functions such as reading, driving, and physical activity. We help patients relearn how to use their eyes correctly after brain injury to improve their eye hand coordination, depth perception, and peripheral vision.

If you are seeking an eye doctor with the experience, proficiency, and a holistic touch to care for you and your family, contact the Hollywood Vision Center – Optometry today to schedule an appointment.