Dr. Elise Brisco, OD, is an experienced optometrist in Los Angeles integrating holistic treatments to keep her patients healthy. Dr. Brisco often gives her patients a comprehensive treatment plan including eye exercises, nutritional supplements, and the choice between traditional pharmaceuticals and homeopathic medicine.

Dr. Brisco focuses on correcting and optimizing vison to help you perform your best at work and play. Optometry services include a beautiful selection of designer frames, contact lenses, eye exams, and Vision Therapy.

Optometrist Los Angeles

To help you perform at your highest potential, we design eyeglasses using the latest digital technology. This maximizes the optical sharpness of the lens and gives you the largest viewing area to make you comfortable and efficient while you work and play.  There’s no sense in getting a High Definition TV if you are watching TV through low definition eye glass lenses! We take into consideration how you use your eyes during the day whether you are working on a computer for hours, or hitting a ball on the court.

We also prescribe contact lenses for our patients.  We have decades of experience and continue to stay on top of the latest developments in contact lenses such as water gradient daily disposable lenses that stay as comfortable and wet through the evening as when you put them on in the morning. We also prescribe multi-focal contact lenses with astigmatism for after you are 40 years old and need a separate reading prescription. We can increase the comfort and success of our contact lens patients by also treating any dry eye and allergy problems you may have.

We invest in both technology and training our staff to provide the highest level of care including:


  • Amblyopia and Strabismus
  • Contact Lenses
  • Binocular vision and tracking disorders
  • Children’s Vision
  • Eye Exams
  • Dry Eye
  • Vision Therapy
  • Sports Vision
  • Eye allergies and pink eye
  • Stress-related vision problems
  • Ortho K Corneal molds to non-surgically reduce myopia


We offer many options for our patients with dry eyes, and Dr. Brisco has done research to treat dry eyes using essential fatty acids such as fish and flax oil. Dry eye treatments are aimed at alleviating symptoms and preventing ocular surface damage that may worsen vision. Treatment options include: nutritional supplements, tear stimulation techniques, homeopathic medicine, dietary recommendations and punctual plugs.

If your eyes are sore, scratchy, dry, blood shot or burning, it is important to receive an evaluation for Dry Eye Syndrome which is the number one diagnosis in eye doctors’ offices especially in areas with low humidity like Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Vision Therapy works to maximize and correct deficient visual skills to help you be successful by improving your performance in reading, writing, computer work, driving, or sports. Uncorrected vision problems can interfere with your ability to concentrate on visual tasks to get your work and studies done because it wastes energy when you strain to see or compensate for a lazy eye or poor eye coordination.

Therapy may be required when vison impairment affects work performance, sports coordination, or reading accuracy.  Special tests are necessary to determine if you have any vision problems that can be treated with Vision Therapy.

If you wish to inquire more about what we can do for you, please call us at (323) 954-5800 to schedule an appointment.