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Driving tips from car racing Trans-Am champion, Tomy Drissi.

Recently featured on CBS 2 News Ring of Beauty

Recently featured on the Hallmark Channel series Home & Family.

The Morning Show

“The Doctors” Double Vision

Lady Gaga Eyes

“The Doctors” Pink Eyes

Computer Vision Syndrome

Glasses are for More Than Just Seeing

Correcting Vision Improves Test Scores

Computer Use and your Eyes

Eye Allergies

Sports Vision Training

Eat Right for your Sight

Healthy Diet

3D Movies Can Cause Dizziness

Wild Eyes

Wild Eyes (Japanese)

Driving at Night

Learning and Vision

Toxic Amblyopia

3D Movies Detect Vision Problems

Viagra and Vision

Colored Contact Lenses

LL Cool J Video

Back to School

Children and Vision

Vision Screening

Joe Jonas ACUVUE® 1-DAY CLs

Voice of Women in Optometry

A special “thank you” to Dr. Brisco and the staff who helped me in transitioning through a medical challenge. Knowing you are there for me gave me extra strength to continue my fight. God bless!
– Patricia A.

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