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It is wonderful to see a Dr who really cares, is thorough, smart, solves problems and is so conscientious about looking over how my vision has changed over the years so that it can be understood. She has really made it possible for me to continue to function in a visual word–both professionally and personally. Thank you, Elise Brisco.
– Amanda P.
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Eastern traditions help prevent disease and maintain health. Western advances focus on aggressively fighting diseases. The trick is finding a delicate balance between the two cultures.


What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine utilizes the latest high tech, sophisticated tools to diagnose your unique condition. Then we use this information to customize your treatment incorporating eastern and western medicine.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy stimulates the body’s own healing responses while respecting the laws of nature and the wisdom of the body. It uses minute doses of specific remedies, to trigger a healing response aimed at the root of the problem rather than eliminating symptoms.

Practiced by doctors all over the world, homeopathy is widely used in Europe, India, and Asia.

HvcO’s holistic approach

At HVCO, healing is a holistic approach that deals with the whole person such as physical manifestation, mental, or emotional issues.  It encompasses areas of:

  • Diet
  • Supplements
  • Natural treatments
  • Lifestyle changes/co-management
  • Exercises for eye and body well-being

GOAL: Give patients a prescription for wellness that keeps them healthy between visits to the DoctorHVCO distinguishes itself by giving patients the tools to help themselves.


HomeopathY for eyes

Homeopathic medicines such as, Allergy Desensitization works fast, does not sting, and has no adverse reactions. Unlike traditional allergy medicines that suppress the body’s immune response, these help the body to not have an overreaction to allergens.

Homeopathic eye drops stimulate tear production and assist the body’s natural ability to relieve redness,    stinging, and burning.



  • Homeopathic medicine stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself in a natural, non-invasive manner.
  • Vision Therapy for treating Strabismus, Amblyopia, Convergence Insufficiency, and other vision problems without surgery
  • Homeopathy is a holistic approach to healing one that involves the body, mind, emotions, and spirit of person being treated.
  • Gentle enough for children, yet strong enough for adults.
  • Non-surgical myopia reduction with Ortho K contact lenses.
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