Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine Practitioner
Annemarie Gallup, CECP

Greater Awareness Energy MedicineGreater Awareness Energy Medicine

Welcome to my practice and I look forward to meeting with you! Energy medicine is a form of NET therapy, Neuro Emotional Technique. By using muscle testing I can isolate specific energetic imbalances contributing to anxiety, depression, PTSD, eat disorders, disruptive sleep patterns, chronic fatigue / auto immune issues, post-concussion syndrome and many other causes for systemic discomfort. Our body has the capacity to heal itself once we process traumatic past events and change old patterns.

My clinical experience covers 22 years in the operating room with pediatric high risk dental reconstruction, 14 years EMT and five years energy medicine/ clinical supervisor in a holistic healthcare setting.

I truly enjoy experiencing the transformation with my client and feel honored to be a part of their life journey towards wellness.

“I had an amazing experience with Dr.Brisco, she is not only a great doctor but also a wonderful human being. She is incredibly experienced and intelligent but also very empatheric and full of humanity. I had tried contacts before but couldn’t tolerate them. She not only found a design that worked for me but answered my questions and concerns in a way that other optometrists hadn’t been able to. I am so glad that I found her, it really changes your experience of the world and of life in general to be able to see clearly on a daily basis.”
– Karla O.

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