Children’s Vision

Children's Vision
Children's Vision

There is a strong relationship between vision and learning. Vision can either enhance or impair academic and athletic performance by affecting the input and processing of visual information.

We strongly recommend that children have their first complete vision exam at the age of six months, then yearly thereafter. As infants become toddlers, then grow to be school-aged children, their visual motor and visual perceptual skills develop as the rest of their abilities mature. It is important to make sure their visual skills, and eye health are age appropriate the same way it is important to reach other developmental norms.

Los Angeles Optometrist, Dr. Elise Brisco, O.D. did a Post-Doctorate Fellowship in Developmental Optometry and has devoted part of her practice to Children’s Vision that affects learning, reading and sports. The Hollywood Vision Center – Optometry performs vision screenings at many schools in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area as part of their Hollywood Vision for Children outreach program.

Hollywood Vision Center –Optometry provides an experience that is both comfortable and appealing to children. Our staff love children and are all trained to perform developmentally appropriate eye exams as well as visual motor and visual perceptual evaluations. We test for skills above and beyond the standard eye exam. Our office setting helps comfort young patients and assure them that they have nothing to worry about when visiting our office from the Children’s Corner as soon as they step into our office, to the toy box that we put in the exam room when they arrive.

We explain all tests and equipment that we use, and how they work to make our young patients comfortable. Visiting the eye doctor is something the child should look forward to and not have to be nervous or anxious about. Children will especially be relieved to know that Optometrists do not give shots!

As a Developmental Optometrist, as well as a Certified Clinical Homeopath, Dr. Brisco is part of an integrative wellness center. She will give you treatment options that respect and are most appropriate for you and your child. In addition to prescribing glasses and prescription medications when needed, Dr. Brisco will offer you the choice of natural and non-surgical options such as Vision Therapy, Ortho K corneal molds to retard and decrease myopia, and homeopathic medicines.

Each member of our staff is committed to ensuring that your child enjoys their eye exam experience. Dr. Brisco looks forward to discussing how we can help your child to perform their best in school and sports.

Please call our office at (323) 954-5800 to schedule an appointment –we look forward to providing an exceptionally great vision care experience for you and your child.