Children’s Eye Doctor

Children's Eye Doctor
Children's Eye Doctor

Determining if your child’s eyes are developing and functioning properly is important for learning and sports. Children need the best vision for their future and early detection of vision problems can ensure that goal.  Drs. Brisco and Shokouh at the Hollywood Vision Center – Optometry will examine your children to make sure they have the proper eyesight, eye health and visual motor and perceptual skills to perform their best at school and sports.

A pediatric eye exam is provided to make sure your child’s eyes are healthy, that they are seeing clearly, and that their vision and visual skills are age-appropriate. Vision guides the development of eye hand and eye body coordination and is a big part of infant and toddler development. As your child grows, vision is strongly related to academic and athletic performance. Visual skills such as tracking, eye teaming, visual memory, and visual figure ground affect the input and processing of information. 80% of the information that you receive and depend upon, are from the visual system.

Dr. Brisco did a Post-Doctorate Fellowship in Developmental Optometry, and has dedicated her career to caring for children’s vision problems. We do vision screenings at many schools in Los Angeles as part of our Hollywood Vision for Children community outreach program.

We provide vision care for children including eye exams, testing for glasses, eye health, pediatric contact lenses, Ortho K corneal molds to retard and reverse the progression or nearsightedness or myopia, and treatment for visual motor and visual perceptual skills.

Our goal is to detect vision problems early so the necessary solutions can be implemented, preserving the brightest future for your child’s vision.

Our office has welcomed child patients from all over the Los Angeles County area.  We continue to deliver a high standard and outstanding level of eye care to children.  Many of Dr. Brisco’s youngest patients have continued to visit her as they reach adulthood bringing in their own children for vision care!

At the Hollywood Vision Center – Optometry, our staff welcomes infants, toddlers and children and adults of all ages. We are committed to providing a positive, enjoyable experience.  We explain how our procedures and technology work, which can help your child feel more at ease when you visit our office. As an integrative optometrist and a Certified Clinical Homeopath, Dr. Brisco offers treatment options that respect you and your family. Treatment includes glasses, contact lenses and prescription medications to more natural treatments such as Vision Therapy, Ortho K corneal molds, and homeopathic medicine.

If you’re looking for a children’s eye doctor in Los Angeles, Dr. Brisco and her team at the Hollywood Vision Center- Optometry offers experience, technology, and integrative options in a caring and child-friendly environment.  To schedule an appointment for you and your children and family, please call our office at (323) 954-5800.