Optometry for Children

Dr. Brisco has dedicated a large part of her practice to Developmental Vision Correction and she is passionate about helping children attain visual acuity.

There is a strong connection between vision, reading, and learning. Undiagnosed vision problems affect learning. Many learning-real visual component visual components that can be addressed. While some children need contacts or glasses, many vision problems involve deficits in visual skills. These skills include eye tracking, eye teaming, focusing, visual memory and visual discrimination. These children see with 20/20 vision, but do not have the visual skills necessary to read and comprehend at an age appropriate level. Having your child’s vision checked early and often is important, especially in families with a history of eye problems or learning difficulties.

Optometry for Children Los Angeles
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Our mission is to detect and treat vision problems to help your child grow into a happy and healthy adult.

Make sure your children are equipped with the necessary visual skills to be able to do well in school and be competitive in the classroom and in sports.

There is a strong relationship between vision and learning. In fact, 80% of the information you receive is through the visual system, and greater than 60% of the brain is related to vision. So vision plays a big part in an academic and athletic performance.

As a parent, you are unable to see through your child’s eyes. As a child, there is nothing to compare your vision too, so often it is almost impossible to tell how your child is seeing. I have had children come in who have seen very blurry, distorted, or even double vision since birth, but who never report it to their parents. When I ask them why, they reply, I thought everyone saw this way.

Vision is more than seeing 20/20 in the distance. Vision involves a complex set of skills controlled by the brain including tracking, eye teaming, focusing and visual processing. A vision screening with an eye chart only rules out nearsightedness and astigmatism but reveals nothing about most critical visual skills necessary to perform well in school and sports.

Dr Brisco works with children of all ages. She is a consultant to more than 40 schools, helping children achieve health, wellness and proper development.

A Dr. with outstanding credentials

Dr. Brisco did a post-doctorate Fellowship with the College of Optometrists in Vision Development which includes the following areas of vision:

  • Children’s vision
  • Binocular vision problems (such as lazy eye, strabismus and amblyopia)
  • Developmental vision problems
  • Rehabilitation of vision after brain injury such as concussion
  • Visual perceptual and processing problems
  • Vision Therapy
  • Visually related learning

We have an entire department devoted to Children’s Vision. We test your child to make sure they have the visual motor, binocular and perceptual skills necessary to perform at their grade level in school. If they do not, we have therapy programs to remediate these visual skills to bring them to grade level.

Signs of visually related problems include:
  • Eyes feel tired or uncomfortable when reading or studying
  • Headaches while reading or studying
  • Feels sleepy while reading or studying
  • Not performing to his or her potential in school and sports
  • Difficulty remembering when he/she has read
  • Loses concentration while studying
  • Words move, jump, or appear unstable
  • Double vision
  • Do you feel that your child reads slowly
  • Pulling sensation around eyes while reading
  • Words blur, or go in and out of focus
  • Loses place, or jumps over letters or words
  • Re-reads the same line over and over
  • Avoids reading
  • Short attention span while reading compared to other activities
  • Learns better verbally than visually (i.e. when read to rather than when reading to himself)
  • Clumsy while catching or hitting a ball
  • Poor timing in sports

If your child has any of these problems, or is not performing to his or her potential in school and sports, please call our office to schedule an appointment.