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You have the right cell phone, the right computer, the right outfit.

You work out, you eat right, but have you taken care of your eyes?

Your eyes affect almost every aspect of your life. Good vision allows you to be more productive, more comfortable, and happier. Correct visual skills allows you to read faster, catch the ball better, and do better in work and school. Vision allows you to see, to understand, to process, and to be. Less than perfect vision wastes precious energy by making you work harder, slows you down as your brain takes a split second to focus, and makes you miss precious moments in life that go unrealized because you didnt see well enough, or fast enough.

The problem is, vision changes so gradually that you cannot tell that your vision is slipping away until you have your eyes and health checked, your eye muscles rebalanced, your new glasses made, or your contact lens prescription updated. Theres no way for you to know if you have glaucoma or other eye disease that can rob you of your precious vision until it progresses to the point that you lose vision. Babies can have eye diseases, millennials can have eye diseases, and you can have an eye problem also, without even knowing it.

Your eyes are the window to your health. It is the only part of your body where we can see through to your blood vessels and nerves giving us the ability to detect health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. We have detected many health problems over the years in our patients during their annual eye exam.

Dont let life pass you by without having the best vision possible. Be your best by seeing your best.

Schedule an appointment for you and your family, and encourage your friends and co-workers to come in also.