We read and write using our eyes, so why do only 1 in 10 school ages children have their eyes checked?

Why do pediatricians recommend that kids have their teeth checked, but not their eyes?

Reading a letter chart at the end of the hall is not enough. An eye chart only screens for whether or not your child can see the smart board at the front of the classroom. It does not tell you if your child can see clearly at the reading distance. It doesn’t screen for the necessary visual skills to input and understand the words and pictures.

Vision is more than 20/20 eyesight. We need the following visual skills to succeed at school including:

  • Change focus from near to far to copy from the smart board
  • Walk eyes across the page to take the words in, and eventually read fluently
  • Point the eyes at the same place to avoid seeing double
  • Combine the image from both eyes to see in 3D to catch and hit a ball on time