Did you know that bilberries can have a big impact on your vision?

What’s interesting about this is that the benefits of billberries were not necessarily found by scientists. They are actually discovered by British pilots during World War 2. To see better during night time they would eat billberry jam. According to them it would enhance their night vision. Although that theory has not been 100% proven, we did find that billberries have a lot of benefits that help improve your vision.

Billberries pretty much look the same as blueberries, but it’s a bit darker, and its flavor is tarter. The fruit also has antimicrobial tannins, which are found in purple grapes and dark teas. Billberries have been used to treat many things, such as intestinal conditions, diarrhea and inflammation of the mouth or throat, heart disease, and retinopathy conditions (abnormal or damaged blood vessels in the retina).

Billberries have been most recently used to treat patients with macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. I’m not saying that Billberries will cure your eye condition, but it will definitely help slow down its progression. Billberry fruits are hard to find here in North America, but you can definitely get your hands on supplements that come with billberry extract. As your optometrist, I can help you learn more. If you’re curious to know more about billberries please reach out to me today.

Have you ever tried billberries? If you have, did you notice any difference with your vision? Please share down below!

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