It is often said that eyes are the window to the soul. Your eyes say a lot about you, and people make judgments about a person from the look of their eyes. Now, more than ever, your eyes are your most prominent feature, since it’s about the only thing people can see on your face with COVID-19 masks covering the rest.

Besides being the windows to our soul, our eyes are actually the windows to our health. It is the only transparent part of the body that allows us to see inside. In fact, your general health is often reflected in the health of your eyes. Integrative optometry helps us combine the best of the western medicine with natural medicine that respects the body’s own healing ability.

Integrative optometry goes beyond just testing symptoms but also continues to understand the wider causes that lead to common medical conditions or illnesses. While practiced throughout the world, homeopathy is practiced more widely in regions such as Europe, Asia, and India. The goal of homeopathy aims to stimulate the human body’s natural healing response and promote wellness.

At Hollywood Vision, we apply integrative medicine to our philosophy to help our patients not only address eye or vision conditions but find holistic solutions to improving their health. Dr. Brisco is one of only a few optometrists in the United States who is also a Certified Clinical Homeopath and makes integrative optometry one of the hallmarks of providing excellent patient care and experiences.

One of our homeopathic medicine remedies includes Allergy Desensitization drops, which can reduce the chances of body overreaction to allergens. There are also homeopathic eye drops, which help stimulate natural tear production instead of adding artificial tears.

In addition, integrative optometry also encompasses the physical or emotional stress that plays a factor in the symptoms of common vision problems. Essentially, we view optometry from a 360-degree perspective, accommodating all aspects of care, including natural treatments, diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, stress management, and more.

Our approach is reflective of Dr. Brisco’s active lifestyle – we understand that the eyes have a relationship with every facet of your well-being and routine. This is why we value the integrative perspective in working with our patients and promoting long-lasting health and wellness. As an Integrative Optometrist and Clinical Homeopath, as well as a fitness enthusiast, Dr. Brisco always values a healthy vision through a healthy lifestyle.

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