We thought a blog about the many specialty contact lenses that we offer at the Hollywood Vision Center Optometry would help shed light on the new innovations and exciting options available for those who can benefit from medically necessary and specialty contacts.

There many different types of lenses available for a wide range of eye conditions that are not correctable with glasses or regular contact lenses. Technology has consistently improved lens designs so that patients with dry eyes, high prescriptions, irregular corneas, damaged corneas (from surgery or injury), astigmatism and bifocals can now wear contacts comfortably and see clearly.



We offer scleral lenses that are designed for high astigmatism, keratoconus, and post-surgery (such as LASIK and radial keratotomy). These are also designed for patients who have irregular corneas and cannot see well with gas permeable or regular soft lenses. Scleral lenses are also designed to provide sharper vision to irregular corneas, provide more security for hard-to-fit eyes, and creates a moist reservoir for dry eyes.

Ortho K corneal molds are specialty contact lenses designed to decrease myopia and astigmatism while you sleep, and without surgery. You don’t have to wear these contact lenses during the day. You’ll only need to wear them at night while you sleep. There can be many reasons for discomfort, including sports (like swimming, football, baseball, basketball, and horseback riding). These molds non-surgically provide decrease prescription and are completely safe for children (who are too young have LASIK).

Multifocal lenses are another type that eliminates the need for bifocal glasses and reading glasses. Multifocal lenses also give you enhanced depth perception (unlike monovision contact lenses).

Lastly, we use hybrid lenses (like Duette by SynergEyes), which are great for keratoconus and for patients with irregular corneas who have a hard time adapting to hard contact lenses. Hybrid lenses have a rigid gas permeable center for better optics, attached to a soft skirt to increase patient comfort and decrease foreign bodies and debris under the contact lens.


A Wide Array of Vision Possibilities, All Under One Roof!

Hollywood Vision Center Optometry takes an integrated and holistic approach to our work. Our dedicated staff of medical professionals have our patient’s best interests in mind at all times. We also offer other services, including our MoisturEyes Dry Eye Spa, Vision Therapy, as well as both western and homeopathic medicine choices for our patients. For example, our integrative approach to treating dry, tired eyes includes stimulating and increase your natural tear production, which will help our patients with dry eyes wear their contact lenses longer and more comfortably.

Patients often tell us that they see more vividly and more accurately with contact lenses because their lenses behave and perform as if they are a natural part of the eyes. There are many cases when our patients see better with their contacts than with their glasses. Our patients enjoy increased peripheral vision and crisper vision through contact lenses, and during your initial consultation we’ll help you determine which type will be the best and most practical for you. Contact Hollywood Vision Center Optometry today to schedule your visit.