The main symptoms of Allergic Conjunctivitis (allergies that affect your eyes) include: itchy eyes, red or pink eyes, swelling on or around the eyes, and watery eyes. This can often be accompanied by sneezing (rhinitis), post nasal drip, coughing, or itchy skin rashes.

The eyes are often affected because they are wet, open and exposed organs. Pollen, pollutants, dander, anything in the air, can stick onto the wet surface of your eyes, and if you are sensitive, will cause irritation.


There are several things that you can do before coming to see us. If your eyes get worse, or are uncomfortable for 3 days or more, please call our office immediately (323) 521-4770.

Eye wash: use sterile saline (get the type indicated for eye or ophthalmic use) to flush out of your eyes what you are allergic to
Cold compresses: to decrease itching
Over-the-counter allergy eye drops for only 72 hours. Call us if your eyes get worse, or are uncomfortable for 3 days or more.
Artficial tears (non-preserved) during the day to wash out allergens. We also offer tear stimulation drops which help you to produce more natural tears that keep your eyes lubricated with more tears to blink away allergens during the day.
Air filter for pollen and allergens in your bedroom and office
Dust mite and allergy covers for your pillow, duvet/comforter and mattress
Put your children’s stuffed animals in the freezer to kill the dust mites once a week
If your eyes continue to itch, water or if they are swollen, please call us for an appointment. Our doctors will evaluate your eyes and prescribe either topical or oral allergy medications. Since we are an Integrative office, we offer both traditional medications such as anti-histamines (both prescription and OTC), as well as natural and homeopathic treatments which are safe and effective even for infants.

Whatever you are allergic to, the discomfort and itching can be annoying and interfere with your daily activities. We are happy to help you be comfortable during allergy season.

Dr. Elise Brisco

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