What is Homeopathic Medicine?

Homeopathic medicine is a system of natural medicine that works with your immune system to help your own body overcome a wide variety of illnesses and symptoms for over 200 years. It focuses on the use of botanical, mineral, and biological substances to produce reliable and safe medication. In fact, one of the basic principles of homeopathy is to use the minimum dosage, as this will have the maximum therapeutic effects with the fewest side effects.

Today, these natural healing techniques have been incorporated into medical practices by over 400,000 health care providers in more than 65 different countries. As a result, millions of patients all over the world are experiencing the benefits of natural medicines and treatments.

How can it Help with Eye Problems?

While homeopathy can be used to treat a diverse range of illnesses, it can be especially helpful with eye problems. Eye doctors have found that homeopathy is successful in treating both common acute and chronic conditions, as they stimulate and support your body’s self-healing capabilities.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are one of the main vision problems in the world because we work so much with our eyes on computers and mobile phones. This can cause mild irritations to severe discomfort that interfere with work and being able to function. Some common symptoms of dry eyes include:


  • Redness
  • Watery eyes
  • Scratchy
  • Burning
  • Crusting on lids
  • Blurry or fluctuating vision

In dry eye cases, homeopathy is one of the best solutions in addition to our MoisturEyes dry eye spa to treat dry eyes related to age, stress and heavy screen time. Eye drops containing Euphrasia can be used to treat the most common cases, but other oral compounds like Byronia alba and Alumina are useful to treat dryness in the mucous membranes. I also recommend tear stimulation drops instead of artificial tears because they help trigger release of your own natural tears instead of only wetting the eyes and providing temporary relief without treating the underlying problem.

Eye Strain

Thanks to our increased dependence on computers and smartphones, more and more people are experiencing eye and fatigue. We are constantly looking at a screen at a close distance, and this can cause your eyes to become tired.

When your eyes become fatigued, you blink less frequently and this can result in dry, red, or sore eyes. In more severe cases, individuals can even experience pain or blurred vision. These symptoms tend to worsen in the evening, after a long period of strain.

Homeopathic drops containing Euphrasia can be applied to the eyes directly, and other options include oral capsules that contain minerals such as Ruta graveolens or Kalium Phosphoricum. These remedies can reduce the symptoms and occurrence of eye strain, but the individual should also make an effort to reduce exposure to screens and blue light if at all possible.

We also have a remedy called Eye Fatigue pellets that contains several remedies for eyestrain.


Those who experience allergies know how uncomfortable red, itchy, and watery eyes can be and how it can adversely affect your day to day life.

There are many homeopathic eye drops that are designed with seasonal allergies in mind. These specialized drops provide immediate relief for watery and itchy eyes, as well as redness and burning. Since they are made with natural ingredients, they are safe to use and gentle on the eyes. In addition, they do not have any known side effects, nor do they interact with other medications.

We recommend the Allergy Desensitization drops which help your body to be less over reactive to allergens. One of the main ingredients, Sabadilla, has been shown to be more effective, and work more quickly than traditional anti-histamines. And as usual with homeopathic medicines, there are usually no side effects such as drying of the mouth or nose.

Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are the small dots that you see drifting in and out of your field of vision, especially when you are focused on a bright, plain background. They can be dots, strings, or specks, and are commonly caused by aging and the deterioration of your eyes.

Eye drops containing Chelidonium or Natrum can provide safe and gentle relief, with little to no risk of side effects or adverse reactions.

Our patients have had very good results with the Floater medication by Natural Ophthalmics.


Over time, our vision becomes cloudy and dull because the lens in our eyes ages and with exposure to ultraviolet light and blue light. This is a natural part of maturation, but can happen faster due to trauma, smoking, obesity, health problems such as diabetes and hypertension, and medications such as steroids.

Cataracts can be minimized with diet and filters in your glasses for UV and blue light. There is an excellent homeopathic remedy called Cataract drops that have helped many of my patients, myself included to slow down, and even reverse the progression of cataracts. These homeopathic drops trigger the transfer of oxygen and nutrients from the blood to the aqueous to nourish and detoxify the living tissue of the crystalline lens. Cineraria maritima has been used homeopathically for over 100 years to safely and effectively treat cataract. It is the treatment of choice in Europe, India and South America.

Dr. Brisco, Clinical Homeopath and Optometrist