And One Easy Way to Pamper Them in a Single Treatment

We place a lot of strain on our eyes because we do most of our work with our eyes at the office, school, even home. Are you staring at the computer screen by day, then binge-watching YouTube or Netflix by night? Even if you have the bad habit of reading in dim light, spending a little too much time in the sun without proper protection, or even that awful smoking habit leftover from college — all of these activities put undue strain on your eyes.

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What You Can Do to Protect Your Eyes

At the Hollywood Vision Center, we’re all about giving our patients the resources to set them up for success when it comes to having clear, comfortable vision, and healthy eyes that also look healthy. We’re not just the place that helps you if your vision gets strained or goes bad; we’re also the place who gives you the education and insight that will help you take care of your eyes more effectively, which will save you money, time, and discomfort in the long run.

Wear Shades

We know, this one’s easy. Like we really have to persuade you to wear sunglasses. But sun exposure is no joke. Your eyes are more sensitive to sun exposure than your skin, so consider UV sunglasses as important as putting on sunscreen.

Ultraviolet rays can increase your chances of cataracts as well as macular degeneration. When it comes to lenses, wrap-arounds are the best, because they protect the sides of your eyes. Make sure your lenses block 99%-100% of both UVA and UVB rays. Polarized lenses cut down on the glare, but they do come at a little bit higher of a price. If you ask us, it’s worth the investment.

Turn Away from the Window

We know, you worked hard for that view. You want to enjoy it. But don’t set your desk up against the window looking out. Glare and ultraviolet from the windows can cause permanent eye damage with that sun beating in on you. It’s best to face your desk away from the window, or, at the very least, make sure that you have shades to soften the glare and UV light.

Eat Healthy

Take a look at what’s on your plate. Foods that are rich in nutrients like Vitamin E, C, zinc, lutein, and omega 3s have been shown to reduce age-related vision problems (like macular degeneration and cataracts). Eat more leafy greens (kale, spinach) and more fish (salmon, tuna). If you stay away from meat, then go for eggs, nuts, beans, and other vegetarian/vegan-friendly proteins. Staying on top of your diet will help you maintain a healthy body weight. Obesity is related to type 2 diabetes, which is the number one cause of adult blindness, after all.

Drop that Cigarette

As if you needed another reason to quit, smoking increases your likelihood of getting cataracts and macular degeneration. Nicotine also robs your eyes of vitamin A which is important to see well at night, like when driving. If you’ve tried to quit before but failed, try again.  Healthline asserts that each time to drop the habit, you’re more likely to quit for good.

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It’s important not to fight the fight alone. Having an experienced optometrist in Los Angeles here to help you with integrative and preventive services such as Vision Therapy, and specialty contact lenses like Scleral and Ortho K corneal molds, will give you the best shot at enjoying spectacular vision for the long haul.

Finally, How to Pamper Your Eyes

Did you know that, over time, we lose at least 30% of our oily tear-producing glands?

Our eyes need to stay moist to be and look healthy.

If you live in Los Angeles or any other city with low humidity, allergies abound, stressful lives, long hours at the computer, heavy cell phone use, or environmental toxin exposure, then you likely suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). It’s actually the #1 eye problem we all face.

The Hollywood Vision Center treats dry eyes in multiple ways, including our revolutionary new MiBo Thermoflo treatment — which has been FDA-approved.

Dr. Brisco leads a team that takes a multi-dimensional holistic approach to treating your eye problems. Our MoisturEyes Dry Eye Spa treatment can help you produce more tears naturally by opening up diseased and impacted tear glands, glands that can become clogged with oil, debris, and bacteria. On top of that, it’ll make you feel like your eyes just went on a weekend getaway without you.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation to see how our MoisturEyes Dry Eye Spa treatment can help you look, see, and feel more beautiful. It’s time to pamper your eyes, and yourself today.

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